– At what season of the year can we do this activity?

All year round, we have protections, plaids and a winter formula (mulled wine)

– Should we provide a BOB?

No, an experienced driver and a bartender will accompany you for the duration of the activity.

– How long does the activity last?

On average 1h30 but any special request will catch our attention.

– How many people can get on board?

Minimum 6 people and maximum 14 people.

– How long do we have to arrive in advance?

15 minutes

– Can we listen to music?

Yes, the Beer Bike is fitted with a cabinet. You can bring your playlist.

– From what age can you participate in the activity?

Children under 16 must be accompanied by adults.

– Should we be athletic?

No, the Beer Bike is suitable for everyone. 5 out of 14 places do not have pedals.